Sell My Book, the place to sell used books

Do you have used books that you no longer need? Perhaps you are moving home or simply decluttering. You might even be a student who just wants to sell a single used book after the end of term.

declutteringInstead of throwing your old unwanted second hand books away or putting them in a recycle bin you can get some cash for them by selling them on We buy your used books in three easy steps. Start by sending us the list of the titles (or ISBNs) of the books and let us know what price you are expecting for them. We will get back to you on the same day with our offer. We will arrange free book collection through ParcelForce or other courier services so you do not need to worry about postage or a trip to the post office. Simply package the books and affix the postage label that we will email you. The package is normally collected next day and we only use tracked services so that you will be able to track the package online and know when it has reached us. We will pay you as soon as the package reaches us using your chosen payment method. We can pay by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. We will even pay you before you send the books if you choose PayPal.
We realise that if you want to sell used books online there are plenty of choices, but we are confident that we offer the best prices and are willing to match any offer you get from other online book buying companies.

Do you want to donate rather than sell used books? We can help with that too.

Donate your books
Follow the same process, except that when we sell the books we will donate a proportion of the profits to one of the charities that we support. You can choose which one of these charities gets the donation. We currently support Hope Against Cancer and The British Liver Trust. Please visit our charities page to find out more.

I have some books with obscure titles. Will you buy them from me?


The kind of books we are interested in include textbooks on various subjects such as Medicine, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Architecture, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology and Education to name a few. We are also interested in non-fiction books from those about trains and buses to books about gardening. Do send us a list of the books you have even if it seems unique and different. You never know, it might be worth more than you think.



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