Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you pay me?

    We can pay through PayPal, personal cheque, postal orders or bank transfer.
  • When will you pay me?

    We will pay you as soon as we receive the books. If you choose to get paid through Paypal we can pay you before you even send the items.
  • How do I pack and send my books?

    Depending on quantity, either use an envelope or a box. We will email you a label to place on the parcel and it is ready to be collected or dropped off. Whatever is more convenient for you.
  • What kind of books are you interested in?

    Textbooks and non-fiction books.
  • What charities do you support?

    Our list of charities is growing. We currently support "Hope Against Cancer". Please refer to the charities we support section to find out more.
  • Do you buy anything other than books?

    Although our main interest is used books we sometimes buy other unwanted items such as jigsaw puzzles.
  • Can you pay me before I send the books?

    Yes. This is possible. In this case we would require that the payment is made through PayPal.
  • Why didn't you accept my offer?

    Sometimes, we can not buy all the books you offer us. This would be because we only buy books that we are able to sell on.
  • Can I choose courier collection time?

    Most couriers will not specify a time of day for collection and say that they will collect between 9 and 5. If you are unable to be at home during those hours we can arrange for you to drop off the parcel at your nearest drop off point. This would typically within a mile or 2 from your home address, depending on which part of the county you are in of course.